Tuesday, June 17, 2008

David Caruso - Emmy-worthy in 2008????

With the heated discussion around Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) who is about to make the same mistake David Caruso made years ago in full swing we decided to take the bait and like to ask -

Which shows are indeed Emmy-worthy? Which "criteria" is used to nominate a show/an actor?

Every year we are baffled at the nominations.
Every year
CBS nominates CSI Miami/David Caruso. Needless to say there are other cast members too that would deserve a nomination now and then.

Like already mentioned before, this year it is David Caruso (again) for "All In".
What makes this episode so special that TPTB/CBS deem it Emmy-worthy?
Is it the ridiculous shoot-out scenes when HoCaine takes out 9 people without suffering as much as a scratch? After killing the last person - who BTW only carried a knife - he dusts off his shoes boards the plane and is back in Miami by lunch...??
Or is it the cheesy-beyond-anything one-liner "This is Miami-justice" that they deemed so brilliant that it deserves an Emmy?

Will we ever get an answer? We doubt it.

However we predict, that like it was in the years before, CSI Miami/David Caruso will be overlooked . The competition with such great actors like CSI/Wiliam Peterson, Shark/James Wood and Battlestar Gallactica/Edward James Olmos is just too tough...



Quote of the day:
....Perhaps even call in David Caruso to deliver some patented, stilted, uninspired dialogue while he slowly removes his sunglasses.....(http://www.topblogarea.com/sitedetails_21353.html)

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