Wednesday, June 4, 2008

David Caruso - Immature fans

Well, the CBS CSI Miami Board is a source of constant amusement to us. People who do not like David Caruso - and there are a lot out there - get viciously attacked whenever they dare to voice their opinion.
However, now and then people speak up and "attack back".
The following is a prime example of someone who doesn't like David Caruso and tells a group of silly little fan girls to GROW UP already! You go girl!



......Caruso's loving admirers will have to mature to the point where they recognize that there are other people who watch Miami who don't care for Caruso and are nothing approaching being stalkers.
"The Stalker" has become this board's convenient tool to curtly dismiss any and all posters with constructive criticism about Caruso that puts him in a negative light. Unlike the other CSI shows, Miami is a glamor show, with Caruso as the pin-up boy for those who feel he can do no wrong. It'll be interesting to see what happens when "The Stalker" is put away but the negative comments from those with low post counts continue.
Will Caruso's supporters be able to answer criticism point by point rather than just say "Oh, hi, Gabrielle"? It's a bit unrealistic to assume that there's just one person in the whole world who has something negative to say about Caruso.
"The Stalker" will go away. Critics won't. And, on a board that CBS has opened up to the general public, not just to fans of Caruso, all posters need to be accepted on an equal basis and not tagged as "that woman".... (Posted by "carnaco")


Hear! Hear!

Quote of the day:
"David Caruso's head - He thinks a lot of his "acting" ability, and since his head is so big in that regard, maybe he isn't able to keep it from lolling side to side...LOL" (

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