Tuesday, June 10, 2008

David Caruso - So bad, almost a parody!

My absolute number one least favorite, can't watch a show because of him (which is actually more the actor than than any character) David Caruso (currently CSI:Miami!)
Caruso on CSI Miami. The lines seem read not spoken and the acting is wooden and stiff, but, David Caruso is so bad, it is almost a parody.
.......If the other “CSI” season finales had fairly shocking endings....the Miami edition blew them all out of the water by taking out the major character on the show, no less that everyone’s fave
redhead underplaying actor, David Caruso, aka the excellently-named Horatio Caine.
It seems unlikely that they would actually kill off the star of the show, especially someone as the much-parodied
David Caruso, but we’ll see how they worm their way out of it in the fall.
Rest assured, they will somehow. Let’s just hope it makes good sense, otherwise, it’ll be the shark wearing sunglasses as the show jumps over it......


Quote of the day: Can you give one reason why David Caruso is allowed to keep acting? He's the main dude on CSI Miami with the red hair and he whips off his sunglasses. NO. GAHH SOMEONE PLEASE REMOVE HIM.!!! (http://katiecanswim.livejournal.com/138584.html)

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