Sunday, June 29, 2008

David Caruso - Cheesy to the max

bigwhack.gif The Miami one is even more laughable. David Caruso plays his cop character as though he is playing Hamlet at the Globe Theatre.
His overacting is supremely embarrassing and I don't understand why the director doesn't rein in his theatrics - the hands on hips, soulful gazes into the middle distance, etc.

nd what about when he repeats the same line twice for effect?
Soooo cheesy
tongue.gifthat faux intense line repeating trick is cheese to the max.
I loved him in his first season of NYPD Blue, but since then I have realised how incredibly badly he overacts. I wish someone would tell him that his character, Ichabod Crane, or whatever the hell his name is, is NOT Hamlet. He is playing a hack character in a bad TV cop drama, not the most tragic character in English literature....



Quote of the day:
...Yes I would disown my brother if he pulled something like what David Caruso has done, because I don't agree with anyone (man or woman) doing something like this. ... (

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