Sunday, June 29, 2008

David Caruso - Freakin' annoying...

The thing that gets me is how David Caruso ALWAYS tilts his head when he talks. Freakin annoying,...
He was on NYPD blue for one season. Then he said he was too good for TV and was only going to do movies. He made a few that flopped and then decided maybe TV wasnt so bad after all!!!
What a moron!
That guy is deffinately over impressed with his own importance.
I don't watch the show,I can't stand him. So I refuse to watch the show
the dw watches a comedy show called "The Soup",- because they make fun of him!

Quote of the day:
David Caruso casts a long shadow. Years after the infamous splitter infamously split from NYPD Blue, his name is still a punch line...(

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