Saturday, May 31, 2008

Phrasing David Caruso

my aversion to all things David “I left NYPD BLUE because I was too good for television and now I am here back because I made shit like JADE and no one wanted to pay to see my egotistical ass” Caruso and the insane orange tint (yes, I know it’s Miami and it’s muey caliente — enough already!) make even watching that first 3 minutes too painful to endure.
I think
David Caruso went to the Joey Tribiani School of acting. He has “smell the fart” down!
Caine is supposed to be Mr Supercool, a new Shaft, but it all comes off as a try-hard with no sense of humour looking like a bit of a cock.
David Caruso has me laughing
every time he's on the screen.


Quote of the day: David Caruso - Real Life Bobble Head.Was David Caruso born without any levator scapulaes? (

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