Friday, July 4, 2008

David Caruso - 40 minutes of posing...

I started watching this show - CSI Miami - recently, and I thought it was alright at first but I can't stand it anymore. Who agree's with me that David Caruso Is a cocky fucking loser???
Losers aren't fucking cocky.
Look at this fuckin piece of shit.
God, David Caruso´s one liners are SO LAME.

*puts on sunglasses* fuck you, noob *takes of sunglasses*

Also, if you watch, almost every single episode he puts his sunglasses on right before he says his opening liner. Whether he´s inside or outside. Also, he always talks to people with his neck all weirdly drooped and cocked, its like he has a rubber neck when he speaks to others.
The show seems to be 40 minutes of David Caruso posing and trying to be a bad ass. I think everybody who's ever seen CSI:Miami agrees that Caruso sucks.

Quote of the day: ....As if David Caruso's pathetic "acting" wasn't enough to make me gag, now the show has turned into an advertisement that's interrupted with more advertising with advertising in the advertising....
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