Monday, July 21, 2008

That David Caruso dude....

What the hell?
William Petersen is leaving?
I can't switch to CSI Miami, because David Caruso makes me want to stab myself. We hate CSI Miami because Caruso IS creepy. And ugly.
I have to say here that I despise CSI Miami.
I can't stand that David Caruso dude. He ruins the whole show for me. He is so dramatic, and with every line he speaks, he acts like he's delivering some very important piece of information. He needs to go act on Broadway. He's so annoying me when he takes off his sunglasses and narrows his head! That's one of the reasons I don't watch CSI Miami
As for the filming location, it's pretty interesting to watch the filming process. If you had the DVD's, they have extras on there sometimes that show you behind the scenes stuff. Most of it is not actually filmed outside at all, but a lot of the background is spliced in later.
Anyhow, Miami would be a lot better off without Horatio. Actually, I think that most of the actors on that show suck. But that's just me.....
Quote of the day - ..... I rarely if ever watch it because I loathe David Caruso. He is such a one-dimensional actor.( )

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