Friday, July 25, 2008

David Caruso is a clown with no makeup

What is "a david caruso" ?
Well the Urban Dicitionary has the following enlightening explanation.

1. david caruso

When one unwisely quits their career for something more promising and it turns out to be a dud. Then, they are jobless and stuck! I think Joria Fox pulled a David Caruso when she quit CSI and Katherine Heigl may be about to make the same mistake (

If you watch CSI: Sunglasses Guy, you know how absurd David Caruso is on the show. The funny thing seems to be that Caruso is even more of a dick in real life.
Down with David Caruso!
I have to leave the room when someone puts on CSI Miami.

David Caruso is awful. His character is the worst ever! All that squatting and the putting on of the sunglasses and the dramatic taking of them off and the cheesy lines *shiver* its all on the first page of the stalkers handbook.
I started hating his arrogant behavior when he thought that NYPD Blue couldn't survive without him and demanded an exorbitant raise. I won't watch CSI Miami until he's dead and buried!
David Caruso is a clown with no makeup ...

Quote of the day - ....Can the Leprechaun act without a pair of sunglasses in hand? (

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