Saturday, July 19, 2008

David Caruso - Ginger fella

WARNING - this post contains strong wording. Not that we really mind. We like when people speak out what they think. The following was posted like you see it. We enjoyed the slang a lot!
....good old red head in the sun. i hate this fuckin procedural crazeall those shows are like the fuckin x files for the american idol crowd or some shit
i dont know how anyone watches that csiits fucking shitei tried watching ti once but turned it off after i realised that they were following clues to find a missing anaconda or some shitall of a sudden these cops are anaconda expertsspotting where he slithered down this tree and over this paththen that ginger tosser lift up a table cloth and there is the snakethats some police work
.....anyway this ginger fella speeds down in his big black hummer or whatever it isunties the man, bundles him into the back o fthe truck and buggers off with literally seconds to sparei think i got sick a little thenhow can it be that you americans can produce such shite and then turn round and make stuff like nip/tuck, law and order, 24, carnivale and all the other good stuffits mad really should see the one where he single handedly thwarts a huge terrorist strike with his mad sniper skillz, blowing up a shitload of explosives
CSI = stupid fucking jokes & sanctimonious nerd pseudocops
David Caruso foiling a terrorist attack SINGLEHANDEDLY.....insulting to everyone's intelligence to the Nth degree
Quote of the day - .....David Caruso! You’re just an overgrown leprechaun carrying around a flashlight and tweezing hair off corpses! (

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