Wednesday, July 2, 2008

David Caruso - ONE BIG ZERO

The following are opinions from viewers/readers of the TVGuide. One can clearly see that people are not too fond of David Caruso.
But then, who really is or ever was?
The man has got zilch talent, zilch charisma, zilch sex-appeal.
David Caruso is one big ZERO
Read and enjoy a few unbiased opinions...

I SO wanted Horatio gone for good! I might actually enjoy the show again if they could get rid of DC. Alas, I'll have to fid something better to do with my Monday nights. For shame!
What's really sad about CSI:Miami is that it started out so good! But after Marisol was killed, it just...went downhill from there.Horatio no longer works in the lab--the gadgets/technoloy is BEYOND ridiculous, and DC no longer speaks dialogue...just that annoying 3 to 6 words statements, with strategic, cliched pauses. UGH. Not to mention, he acts more like a supervisor in charge of the homicide detectives instead of the CSI unit. BAH!

CSI Miami has turned into a joke. It is a soap-opera whose main "star" David Caruso ruins the show with his ridiculously bad acting. Replace red nusiance Caruso - who is a failure as an actor - with somebody WHO ACTUALLY can act.
Quote of the day: I really enjoyed it despite it starring the painful to watch David Caruso (he is far more bearable in this than in CSI: Miami )... (

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Jean said...

I,too, so wanted David Caruso gone -- permanently! I take issue with the "" statements. I thought he was very good in "Proof of Life", lots of animation and a likable character. Not this wooden, "gosh, my glasses make me so darned cute!!!!" He, or the writers, have Horatio lifeless. Absolutely, One Big Zero!!!