Saturday, July 5, 2008

David Caruso´s hickey...

Since news are a bit slow we have been doing a bit of blog-maintenance here and there and - of course - we have been surfing the net for worth-while articles to add to our vast David Caruso-snark-collection.
Our polls are quite popular. In the past we have got a lot of nice e-mails congratulating us on them. Thank you, guys! We do our best to entertain you!
Looking at the "David Caruso- Hickey"-poll we noticed that the majority of the voters is in favour of "the hickey". Only a few people chose the other two options
- grime
- blemish.
Now, that is really funny.
Do people really think that David Caruso would leave a hotel dirty and grimy? Or do they think the grime is from Amina? (We can´t blamne them. The woman looks kind of used and dirty to us...).
This poll is closing on August 12, 2008 - plenty of time to case your vote.
Another popular poll "David Caruso´s new girl-friend is....." is closing on July 7, 2008.....(
Quote of the day - ....David Caruso, You Ginger Bitch!!!....(

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