Monday, July 28, 2008

David Caruso - Carusobot

CSI Miami - Two things compelled me to begin watching this show. The first is Emily Proctor, who, back when she was on The West Wing, was the hottest thing ever to happen to the GOP. The second is David Caruso, so wonderfully referred to by Warren Ellis as "Carusobot."
David Caruso is, without a doubt, the greatest thing to happen to robots since the Governator. Which is good, because if it weren't for the fact that the characters were all prone to interesting and well-written dialogue, this show would be fucking intolerable.
(Besides showing us one more time that Caruso and his minions are so much cooler than we are, as if we couldn't figure that out by the fact that they're in Miami, which is, as we all know, the absolute hippest place in the world to get shot.)
The point is that it's fun to watch David Caruso be a superior son of a bitch to people, So, basically, the show sinks or swims depending on one thing - How interesting a person David Caruso is being a cock to...
Now, if you're going to make an episode of CSI: Miami that features a disappointing lack of David Caruso, that's fine. Even washed up television actors who should have fucking stuck with NYPD Blue deserve days off. After all, before South Park debuted, all of their ads featured a David Caruso joke. For that, at least, we thank him.
In any case, next week it's David Caruso vs. Terrorists, in what looks like our best hope for Caruso breaking out the death lasers this season. Woo.

...and to stay slightly on-topic, I can't stand David Caruso. He displays all the expression and mannerism of a block of wood.
Quote of the day -... F.Y.I. David Caruso is the fiery-haired idiot who left the popular tv show, NYPD Blue after one season to pursue a big screen movie career and literally "bombed!" ( )

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