Thursday, July 24, 2008

David Caruso - Pasty and saggy

CSI: Miami has some truly putrid acting and writing.
As for David Caruso´s acting skills - well i haven´t seen anything comparable BAD (i´m still waiting for the moment when Lt. Caine accidently pokes his eye with his shades!! i would pay for this).
David Caruso's Horatio is a clown beside William Petersen's Grissom. I was all set with David Caruso half way through season 1 of NYPD Blue. How he continues to earn a paycheck as an actor mystifies me.
My favorite part of the show is watching him suddenly glance down and nervously check to make sure he's on his mark before he starts saying his line. If he has to move or turn he often looks down, moves, looks down again, and then looks at the camera. It makes my night
David Caruso looks all pasty and saggy. And that's with good lighting. I wish I could throw my shoe at him.
Spotlight hogging, one-liner dishing, high expectation having m*therf*cker!
Quote of the day - David Caruso looks at LEAST 15 years older than his age (52). (

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