Sunday, July 13, 2008

David Caruso - Favours Tijuana brothels?

We found this interesting article on another blog.
Since there has been a lot of talk about alleged stalkers, Tijuana and brothels lately (And you are All experts because....) we thought this post would be interesting. We all know that David Caruso likes his woman, cheap, willing and of the ethnic kind (see - Amina Islam) - just like the ones he will find south of the border...
Read and be amused.....


Lest anyone on the planet wonder where David Caruso goes if he hasn´t the likes of AlQuida-tart Amina Islam to play with? Rumors have it he even met Amina there..... If he has a certain urge or need?
Are you a first-time visitor to Tijuana? Are you a resident looking for an out-of-the-way, inexpensive, yet discreet diversion?
David Caruso´s favourite brothel is the place for you.
Welcome to David Caruso´s favourite Brothel! It is maintained by a feisty Mexican lady in an accessible location. This allows her to offer her unique services at prices well below those found within the more competitive Tijuana marketplaces.
Prior to David Caruso´s frequent visits , the establishment was an abandoned shack. A plus for your wallet; no rent for her means cheaper thrill for you. AND WE ALL KNOW DAVID CARUSO LIKES IT CHEAP AND QUICK .
While it does lack certain amenities most of us have come to expect, it boasts a serenity not found in the hustle and bustle of Tijuana. And it is the place where David Caruso gets his candle-stick polished regularily....
We've been led to believe there is an outhouse behind the shack and a small stream just over the rise; soap, shampoo and insecticides available for a nominal fee. A cozy cottage atmosphere, unfettered by cumbersome furniture or electroncis. The only convenience is a mattress, low to the floor, providing easy ingress and egress. Battery-operated appliances, beverages and an assortment of snacks may be brought in and are always appreciated.
We caution you to bring only ready-to-eat foods. There are no facilities to accommodate items requiring either heat or refrigeration. You might also wish to consider bringing your own portable urinal and perhaps some "Wet Ones" or "Baby Wipes".
David Caruso´s favourite brothel is the place for you!!
Quote of the day - ......It appears her case of David Caruso Syndrome has put Heigl and Izzie in critical condition. (

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