Saturday, July 12, 2008

The pretentious David Caruso

You mean laughing at how bad David Caruso’s acting can get doesn’t make you head to Five?!
No doubt retirees and deco fans will rave about CSI:Miami, despite the pretentious David Caruso. Although Gary Sinise is moving dangerously toward the affectation of David Caruso, his range hasn't yet narrowed to the 4-5 gestures that made me stop watching Miami.
.... It's one of the reasons I don't watch CSI: Miami -- not only do I detest David Caruso's affected manner, but it seems to be all about the sunglasses.
David Caruso is so serious and somber in his role that I'm scared that if he ever smiled, his face would shatter.
Quote of the day - ...In three episodes there was more unique inventiveness than in a season of anything starring David Caruso....(

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