Friday, July 18, 2008

David Caruso - Vegas fans don´t want him!

So Grissom's shuffling off CSI Vegas. It's a shame and all that but I've been most disturbed about speculation CSI Miami's ginga David Caruso could be swapping the shores of Florida for the bright lights of Nevada.
What's been more disturbing is the fact lots of CSI Vegas fans don't want him!
I’ve never seen a single episode of “CSI: Miami” or any of the other “CSI” spin-offs, so I’m not sure what I’m missing, or if I’ve even missing anything at all.
OK, he's not the sexiest cop on TV and he does have his own idiosyncracies, looking down, looking sideways, then delivering snappy one-liners. And if CSI Vegas fans don't like him, great, let's keep him where he belongs in the sunshine state.
Quote of the day.....people in far off lands would know that there was some good writing and good acting to be found here. But no, instead we send them David Caruso, and his idiotic Sunglasses.” (

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