Thursday, July 17, 2008

The David Caruso Sunglasses of Justice chronicles

At this point, I am just stuck waiting for David Caruso to actually face someone straight on. It is both unnerving and unnatural to watch him going episode after episode addressing people with his shoulder pointed at them rather than facing them. Sadly, I'd put Caruso and Hasselhoff at about the same overacting level. I say sadly because back in his NYPD Blue days I thought he was pretty good.
I could have watched the new season of "Extras" again -- it's bloody fantastic -- but the "CSI: Miami" clip was nearly as giggle-inducing.
Oh, it's funny.
And it proves, once and for all, that "CSI: Miami" is really a comedy. Some people don't get that. They continue to think of the David Caruso Sunglasses of Justice chronicle as a serious procedural drama.

Come on.
It can't be.
I think the cast and writers must be parodying the somber CBS procedural format on purpose.I will never understand how people can watch David Caruso on CSI: Miami. Take away his sunglasses and the guy's got nothing but a squint. I'd like to see a grass roots effort to help support propping up David Caruso's head so it's on straight. Someone post an address where we can send neck collars to David!!!
As the scenery-mauling David Caruso would say, "CSI: Miami." Is. Guilty. As. Charged.
Quote of the day - .....mainly because he detests the ‘excruciatingly mannered David Caruso. ( )

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