Friday, July 11, 2008

David Caruso's bullied, beleaguered crews...

....count on you!!!

The Defamer ran the following hilarious piece. Maybe we can start to understand why David Caruso has been behaving badly on the set...spitting and cursing in front of child-actors

Scratch an egomaniac and you're sure to find a sensitive soul just a sincere hug or two away from a healthy, humanitarian lifestyle. At least that's our read on ginger terror David Caruso, whose tyranny on the set of CSI: Miami can only come from a place of haunted concern for something larger than himself — say, perhaps, upholding the dramatic tradition of sunglasses-removal..

.....when a subculture of stalker hunters leapt out of the woodwork and into our morning coffee. .. if you happen to see this woman bumping around Innsbruck, feel free to casually ask if she caught last week's CSI: Miami or if she knows where to find a good defense lawyer. Just in case, you know?
Caruso's bullied, beleaguered crews are counting on you.
Quote of the day - "You're looking for Mr. Caruso? He's in his trailer napping. Follow me." ...(


Anonymous said...

I find it impossible to believe his behavior is just because of this stalker business...if one can believe his on set bad behavior, the man is out of control...nope, something more going on there.

Cole said...

Agreed. I think the DEFAMER article is tongue-in-cheek anyway. The man is just an unhappy individual stalker or not.