Sunday, July 13, 2008

David Caruso - Ginger terror

David Caruso is unwatchable to me. He is the worst actor in the history of, well, the world. His over the top performance, to me, makes this show unwatchable. David Caruso is far to melodramatic, and also self important Horatio is a man seeking a sense of humour, eternally doomed to come off leaden, pretentious and weak.
David Caruso, the man behind the laconic cardboard facade, did a much better job partnering with Sipowicz in the premiere season of NYPD Blue. He had more humanity to him. Or perhaps his schtick was simply fresher, easier to tolerate.
Now he tersely utters moronic, pithy pseudo-gems whilst hiding behind his shades. It's very hard to take this show when you have the first show's far superior dynamics and acting.

Quote of the day - .......If a baby were aged 50 years and forced to pose relentlessly, then that baby’s name would be David Caruso (

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