Sunday, July 6, 2008

David Caruso - Duplication

David Caruso was sensational in his one season at "NYPD Blue", and he's essentially duplicating the same character with "CSI: Miami". He was completely forgettable as a very irritating hood in "Thief of Hearts", long before clicking with "NYPD Blue".
This is a common refrain among actors who, after struggling for years, finally hit it big with one role, and are so afraid of being typecast that they jump ship after only one or two years, only to find out that the TV role was the perfect match for their particular skill set, never again to be duplicated.
Had David Caruso the depth and versatility of William Shatner it may have worked out.
Do you people actually find those CSI shows watchable? Especially the Miami version. It held me in its grips for, oh, about 2 minutes before I remembered I needed to rearrange my sock drawer. I don't believe I've ever seen a more phony or ridiculous crime show in the history of TV. Especially the Miami version. It is unwatchable.
David Caruso has got to be one of the worst actors in history. Terrible...
Quote of the day - ...Who the heck is David Caruso?.. (

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Anonymous said...

Et vous dans quel rôle êtes vous le meilleur ? Comme l'on dit en France :
La critique est aisée, mais l'art est difficile.
Quant à moi je le trouve excellent, il va sans dire !
Ce n'est peut-être pas son meilleur rôle, mais regardez-donc ses premières apparitions comme dans Crime Story ou dans China Girl d'Abel Ferrara, dans ce dernier il est tellement bon comédien que je l'ai haïs pendant de longues anné comme seuls les imbéciles ne changent pas d'avis .....Je vous laisse comprendre la suite.