Sunday, July 27, 2008

David Caruso´s Barney Five impersonation

CSI Miami is in the top 30? (shudder)
How can 1.382 million people tolerate David Caruso's appaling acting in the show? I admit it's good for a laugh once in a while, but should have been canned long ago....Just something to think about while you watch David Caruso standing on a beach, acting through his sunglasses, praying you don’t notice how truly ridiculous his program is.
David Caruso is the most ridiculous looking man on that show. Put a halo on his neck or something. It is overly annoying. I can’t keep up with what is going on for looking at his neck and head.
There was a ton of head tilting in last night’s episode! My sister thought it would be funny if they filmed an episode from David Caruso’s point of view and had the camera tilt all the time!
I’m afraid that if David Caruso´s hands were ever tied behind his back, taking them off his hips, he most definitely would fall to the ground leaving his bobbing head to absorb most, if not all of the impact…OUCH! LOL.
Maybe if forensics were to examine his head-tilting, sidways poses and one liners, it would come up with a solution that could help to end this…Hmm? Could be the Barney Fife impersonating that has him doing this, too…Not really sure…LOL, though it looked good when Barney did it....
Quote of the day....I was thinking David Caruso had a medical problem or something he is attempting to cover up by slouching all the time.. (

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