Tuesday, July 1, 2008

David Caruso - Bad press

"David Caruso gets sooo much bad press..." said one of his fan-girls. Poor mite. We will feel sorry for him should we ever have the time. Meanwhile we like to add another post by a blogger who is fed up with CSI Miami and David Caruso.
Who could blame him....???


......Its pure crap and totally unrealistic.
Homicide cases are usually solved through old fashioned detective work and not all this fancy forensic nonsense. Lots of the methods and technologies used on this showed have been made up for television and do not actually exist in the "real world". That would be like Law and Order making up phony laws because they ran out of ideas for their show. I like crime related shows but CSI has gone beyond ridiculous. Detectives dont get into shootouts with guys with machine guns and rocket launchers! I understand not everything has to be realistic when it comes to television but it should still be SOMEWHAT relevant to reality.
Also, David Caruso is a corny mf'er and I hope he chokes on a hotdog I totally agree with you, he does nothing productive all he does is make cheesy and annoying remarks about EVERYTHING! I gave the show a chance and he just annoys me, if it wasn't for him I might like the show (not as much as the original CSI [and I'm starting to get into CSI: NY). But trust me, you're not the only ones who hates him. .....
Quote of the day: CSI stands for Caruso´s Sexual Indescretions! (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000325/board/thread/109571742?d=110492414&p=1#110492414)

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