Thursday, July 10, 2008

OMG - David Caruso!!!

I’ve been an avid follower of CSI: Miami for about three years now. However bad an actor David Caruso is, I practically live for the moments when Horatio Caine takes off his glasses and tells Frank that it’s murder. CSI:Miami is the hammiest of them all by far; I feel like it’s the parody of the series
I’ve now been in Miami for three days, and not once have I been shot at. Miami is known for two things - crime scene investigations, and dolphins. I’ve seen neither since I’ve been here. I’m thinking of suing under the trade descriptions act.

David Caruso IS a bad actor.

David Caruso is a complete ham, either that or he’s taking the piss. I lean towards the former. Have you noticed how he repeats his word all the time, is that to give them more weight?
David Caruso puts the stress on the wrong WORD as if, by so doing, everything will MAKE sense...

The Spawn (aka my 24-year-old son) works for the coffee catering company that services the CSI Miami cast and crew - here at the Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, CALIFORNIA. The Spawn tells me that Caruso has never gotten out of his air conditioned trailer to get his own drink - after all, he’s got “people” (personal assistants) to do that for him..
Quote of the day - Wouldn't you actually find it physically impossible to say those lines with a straight face? David Caruso doesn't. He says those lines like he means them.....

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