Sunday, July 20, 2008

David Caruso - Skinny and pasty

Who Are You - William Petersen is said to be ready to leave C.S.I. Apparently, Petersen has never had a conversation with the red headed dude from the other C.S.I. show. What was his name? The guy that was skinny and pasty and always wore dark shades from NYPD Blue.
Oh yeah, David Caruso. That's what his name was. Or is.
I quit watching CSI Miami because I just couldn’t handle anymore of the shades and unfunny one liners.
David Caruso is a terrible, one-dimensional, hackneyed actor who needs to either hone up on his skills, find a new methodology, or quit. He sucks, and I’m not sorry to say it.
Quote of the day - Wish someone would up the total to 78,101 by axing CSI: Miami star David Caruso. (

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