Sunday, July 6, 2008

David Caruso and his three layers of phony expressions

Please help whoever David Caruso's been blackmailing on CBS!!!

It IS kinda hilarious in a perverse, torturous kind of way. He makes me just want to slap that three-layers of phony expressions off his face. And what's with the eyebrow-furrowing that accompanies every cheesy line? But too much of Horatio and I will end up in a mental institution for hunting down David Caruso, stealing and stomping on his shades until they are reduced to teeny, tiny pieces and burning down each and every studio copy of CSI:Miami.

As far as I'm concerned, there are two reasons why Caruso´s character's the way he is:
1. David Caruso's lack of acting skills or over-acting skills
2. Writers who constantly feed him with lines that he can butcher and over-emphasize.

Carrot top has several annoying habits:
1. He gets personal, especially in cases involving beautiful women and children (how about the dudes, bro? they're people too)
2. He has the cheesiest statements ever
3. He's got his hands on his hips most of the time
4. He wears those effing shades like in every episode, and
5. He's so overprotective of his staff even if they're in the wrong

Again, WHY, WHY, WHY is he still on the air? Is this some kind of sick joke by CBS?
Quote of the day -...people who aren´t fond of CSI Miami because of David Caruso´s distracting acting quirks. Sometimes his word emphasis in sentences seems almost Captain Kirkesque....(

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