Thursday, July 10, 2008

David Caruso - Incompetent

CSI: Miami -- previous commenters are right that the whole franchise is like stabbing an ice pick in your temple (especially after watching any Wire episode), but the ham handed acting of David Caruso is an added kick to the groin-- unintentionally hilarious and yet quite painful to watch at the same time.
Sofia Milos is on CSI Miami too.
I hate that show because David Caruso is the most incompetent human on the face of the Earth (L. Ron Hubbard might be second). Sofia's acting is almost as bad as David Caruso's. I firmly believe that David Caruso is too ugly to be on television.
Do you know how gorgeous this show is in HD? Too bad you have to turn the sound off to stand it. Whoever hired David Caruso as an actor should be shot...
Quote of the day - ....I'll admit I didn't want to watch this one because I do not like David Caruso....(

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