Monday, July 7, 2008

David Caruso - One expression fits all

.......I didn't see the show, but if you'll pardon my answering your question with another question: Wouldn't you sacrifice your American operations to piss off David Caruso? It would be worth it just to see an expression on his face. Because he'll be back again once the Resurrection Ship gets in range.
He's like Mulder, one expression fits all. The difference is that Duchovney has just a tiny shred of charisma.And he'll take off his sunglasses dramatically, so you can see it. Have you noticed that when he takes off his sunglasses, it looks like he was already squinting...?
Trying to read the teleprompter, most likely ..
But the supercop stuff aside, I think replacing the actor would also fix another quarter of the whole - his insincerity and falseness. So it would be a 75% fix. Maybe even a 100% one. Why do you think this show is CSI: Horatio Caine?
It´s certainly not what they intended to do.
Quote of the day .....Do they NOT know that David Caruso is in it? And that he has no acting talent whatsoever? And that he gives me the creeps? For that alone, the show should be cancelled...(

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