Saturday, July 12, 2008

David Caruso - Crick in his neck

C.S.I Miami is a really bad version of NYPD Blue, which - at least I think - was the break trough of David I want to find out more about the private life of the inhuman mechanical being that looks like David Caruso? No, good people of the internet, I do not..

I loved the shout-out/mocking of CSI: Miami on "How I met your mother" when Ted put on the sunglasses during his "forensics investigation". Think David Caruso laughed at it?

I very rarely watch CSI:Miami and this episode just proved why all over again. I only watched this time to see Garrett Maggart, who showed more emotion and real acting by himself than all the regulars put together. I wonder if David Caruso gets a crick in his neck from holding his head at all those weird angles?
Caruso's over-used and off-putting head-tilting. (He sure doesn't seem to have too many mannerisms in his acting arsenal - head-tilting and slipping his sunglasses on and off and that's about it.) are a constant source of amusement.
About 15 minutes into the episode, I started to wonder if they have a masseuse on set to help him work out the kinks! David Caruso only has one facial expression, it really says a lot when a dead body shows more emotion.
P.S. I'm officially declaring David Caruso the worst lead actor on television today!!!

Quote of the day - ...A friend shot an episode opposite him. She told me they would shoot all of Caruso's stuff first up, and she would have to do her closeups with a stand-in because by 12, 1ish, he is totally 'gone'.....

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