Monday, July 21, 2008

David Caruso.. redhaired arrogant jackass

I don't really blog much about TV, but I have to admit my guilty pleasures. I watch CSI: CrimeScene Investigation, and CSI: NY. I don't watch CSI: Miami, because once you get past the bikinis, all you got are plot too nonsensical even for TV, and David Caruso's particular brand of acting through sunglasses.
David Caruso is a Hollywood cautionary tale!! He needs to go.
You see... I despise David Caruso.
You know.. David Caruso.. redhaired arrogant jackass that after one season on NYPD Blue, thought he was hot shit, and quit the show to be a movie star.
Hmmmm... how did that work out for ya, David? For some reason classics such as "Kiss of Death", "Jade", and "Body Count" just don't appear in my DVD collection. (Please don't think that I actually KNEW the names of those movies.. I had to IMDB him.)
Quote of the day - ....As for the cast, David Caruso is horrible and the worst of the CSI lead actors. (

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