Saturday, July 26, 2008

The oddity that is David Caruso

My loathing of David Caruso is beyond all reason.I really cannot stand that guy!
CSI: Miami is getting WORSE and WORSE. It's becoming a masterpiece of bizarre extremist melodrama.

As I’ve watched over the past year, I kept wondering, why is this show so odd?” Then I put my finger on it. It’s David Caruso....
David Caruso is not just the president of the Over The Top Actor’s Club, he’s also a member.

He never looks anyone in the eye. He’s always standing in some contorted position with his head cocked in an unnatural position. He takes his sunglasses on and off probably a hundred times during the episode. And after he talks, he leaves the scene, like Snidely Whiplash pulling up his cape and skulking off stage right.

Quote of the day ...I thought for sure David Caruso would be one of them. Then I remember he wasn't dead — just his career (

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