Tuesday, July 15, 2008

David Caruso and Batman

Fun time! We found the following on IMDb. We knew we just had to add it to our vast collection. After all, it provided us with the first laugh of the day.

What do David Caruso/HoCaine and BATMAN have in common?

  • Both stand on roofs
  • Both fight crime
  • Both had lousy childhoods
  • Both have cool rides
  • Both talk montone when trying to school the bad guys
  • Both break laws to bring justice
  • Both remain really calm when stuff is exploding all around them
  • Both have killed people
  • Both have been attacked by thugs on motorcycles
  • Both like to wear Black
  • Both are too cool to sweat
  • Both are generally rude to most cops and act above them
  • Both have gadgets to help them get in the mind of the criminal mastermind.
  • Both get hot chicks to like them with out giving them much reason to other than being BAD A$$
    (posted by k-man-3)
Quote of the day - ...how David Caruso always mysteriously lowers his sunglasses so that he can glower condescendingly at the unwitting next victim of his brilliant dark little I'm-judging-you statements. Fucking wanker......(http://smutandsteff.com/labels/david%20caruso%20is%20a%20wanker.html)

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