Monday, July 7, 2008

David Caruso - Bland and boring

Polls are very interesting tools.
While their results may yield nothing in the real world they are kind of a "opinion-meter" for all those who like to know what people think about a certain subject.
One of our popular polls - "David Caruso´s new girl-friend" - on ZIMBIO ( closed today.
The result is insofar very interesting as it concerns David Caruso and his choice of women. While they seem to get younger and younger every-time he swaps them for someone else they also get cheaper and tacky-looking....

Started on - May 07, 2008
Closed on - July 07, 2008
People voted - 52

David Caruso's new girl-friend is...
..trashy. He always dates the same type of woman! 37%

...a hot lady. Where does he find them? 17%

I don't care. She's neither fish nor flesh. 46% - WINNER!!!

The term "She´s neither fish nor flesh" means that a woman is neither beautiful nor interesting. Just a boring individual. We have to say that once again we have to agree with the majority...
Quote of the day - ....they need to beat the glib angle headed delivery of David Caruso out of him with the edge of a well swung Cricket bat....(

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