Friday, July 4, 2008

David Caruso - CSI Product Placement

People who have watched an episode of CSI Miami know that the show has a lot of product-placements during the 40 minutes an episode lasts - Hummer, Eppendorf, BMW, Silhouette....
Let´s suppose that one day in the near future - due to a budgetary crisis at CBS/AliancaAtlantis/JerryBruckheimer Productions - the cast, crew and the writers is being asked add to even MORE products to one of their lame scripts. A fellow blogger took up the idea. Maybe someday a script will be looking like this...


David Caruso/Det. Horatio Cane: Calleigh, do you ever have those moments where you just aren't feeling fresh?
Emily Procter/Calleigh Dusquesne: Excuse me?
David Caruso/Det. Horatio Cane: You know... down there...
Emily Procter/Calleigh Dusquesne: OH! Of course I do! There's no need to be embarrassed, everybody does! But freshness isn't a problem since I discovered Massengil's NEW Herbal Douche!
David Caruso/Det. Horatio Cane: Really? Calleigh, you are a life-saver! Ha ha!
Emily Procter/Calleigh Dusquesne: Ha ha! No problem! Now go douche yourself and then we'll try to figure out how our murderer managed to feed this dead body into a food processor.
David Caruso/ Det. Horatio Cane: Will do! Oh... and Calleigh... that's no ordinary food processor, that's a NEW Cuisinart Model 6000, with titanium blades that are able to make short work of even the toughest foods... and even tough body parts like bones!
Emily Procter/Calleigh Dusquesne: Wow! I need one of those for my kitchen! Now hurry up with that NEW Massengil Herbal Douche, Horatio... you're not getting any fresher by just standing there!
Quote of the day: ....notice that David Caruso stands like he's superman? Hands on his hips, as if he's using his super chest ...(

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