Tuesday, July 8, 2008

David Caruso - Prime example of stupidity

We think it is a well known fact that some David Caruso fan-girls are not exactly the brightest puppies of the litter. Most of them lack things like taste and common sense. Their only "asset" is that they get their panties wet whenever the red-headed nusiance David Caruso comes on TV....
We found a prime example of stupidity on one of our most favourite gossip-blogs.
The prime subject at hand is a photograph of a woman from 2003 (!!!) . Sillyfangirl number one believes that this woman is allegedy the alleged David-Caruso-Stalker ....
Laughable, we know. Who on earth would stalk someone bland and boring like David Caruso?
So silly fangirl number 1 heaps her "wisodm" on other people with the following sentence/brainfart
....She says "I don't know who that woman is" which is a denial. eg she's denying she's the woman in the picture.Then says "I see no need to deny anything." Which is denying there is anything to deny...

HUH? Yeah, right....But it is getting better....

Silly fangirl number 2 drops the other bomb
....For God's sake, the mere fact she didn't trash the photo is evidence enough it's her....

Lets get this straight - little fan girl logic
If someone DENIES being the woman on the photograph from 2003 (!!!) then the person who denies it REALLY IS that woman.
If someone DOESN´T comment on the photograph of a woman from 2003 (!!!) then the person who doesn´t comment also IS that woman ..
HUh? Did we miss something?

We are sure many of our readers will - like we did - scratch their heads about so much "silly fangirl logic".
that simply doesn´t make sense. It only boils down to the fact that no matter what a person says she/he is automatically guilty....and we all know things don´t work that way.
Looks like some of those fangirls live in lala-land ..and ought to be put into straight-jacket right away. However, we wish them lost of luck finding a person with a picture from 2003 !!!
David Caruso most likely doesn´t care too much about who is who and who isn´t since he is busy screwing half of Hollywood...
Quote of the day - Seriously, I hope nobody ever tells David Caruso that we all think he's a joke...(http://laslohollyfeld.livejournal.com/)

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