Friday, July 18, 2008

David Caruso - Morange Wanker

They say everyone neglects the middle child and sometimes its all I wish for when CSI:Miami hip-thrusts its way onto my television.
45 mins of David Caruso standing with his hands on his hips taking his sunglasses on and off while strategically placed women in bikinis frolic in the background is not my idea of good programming.
Im not even sure why its called CSI as the dead bodies appear to be an afterthought and when they're not its because the good ol' corpses are in the middle of a beach volleyball game.
I find myself looking to the corpses for some talent but that morange wanker always seems to wander in the way.
Afraid of being out acted perhaps?
Im not sure people realise why they probably havent heard of Caruso before CSI:Miami, its because he was in acting LIMBO since 1994 after leaving from NYPD Blue.
Apparently he thought he was hot s**t and left for a movie career, needless to say no-one wanted him. What posessed them to hire him is beyond me, I choose to´believe hiring Caruso was the result of a recent head injury on the creators part.
What really boggles me is how people still mantain how good a show it is when they have two amazingly superior CSI franchises right in front of their noses.
While CSI:LVs Gil Grissoms witty yet embarrasing puns manage to come across with some charm, Carusos attempts of the same kind fall flat and make me wonder what I did to deserve this fate....
Quote of the day - ....and he is a little old but so is David Caruso...

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