Sunday, July 20, 2008

David Caruso´s Abuse of the Dramatic Pause Technique

I cannot imagine why anyone anywhere ever hired Dvaid Caruso to act in anything. He was mediocre in NYPD Blue, and he's DREADFUL in CSI Miami. I cannot bear to watch him -- all those stupid, portentous pauses, his ridiculous "I'm here to save you now, ma'am" demeanor, his weighty-but-utterly stupid aphorisms -- I can't stand the character and I can't stand Caruso, and because of him/them, I cannot watch the show.
I was actually watching the show the other day and was thinking, 'Does David Caruso always act like this?' Because if that's the only way he can act, he's not a very good actor. I personally think that Horatio is one of the fakest characters on television.
What David Caruso does is not acting, but "punctuation." He breaks up every sentence for "dramatic" emphasis, tilts his head, looks away, then back for the "punch line" tag to each utterance. His acting is as natural as a toupee. We haven't had this forced "acting" since Joe Penny in "Jake & the Fatman." When they let Caruso do a flat Sgt Friday type of thing, it can get fairly camp
When I 1st saw CSI:Miami , I was surprised at David's acting. Someone wrote that he makes William Shatner wanna say,"You abuse the Dramatic Pause technique."
Quote of the day - RE:David Caruso´s acting...Acting? What acting?? The guy is as wooden block of wood! (

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