Wednesday, July 23, 2008

...... oh, and I really don’t care for David Caruso

...... oh, and I really don’t care for David Caruso

i like actors who do character roles, and not much else. William H Macy, Giovanni Ribisi, everyone in Paul Thomas Anderson movies. Those are people who dig the craft, as opposed to the Denzels and David Caruso’s of the world.
How much don’t I like David Caruso?

I feel he is the personal downfall of the craft of acting. Not just because he is terrible, but because his show was the biggest show in the world.
Let’s have some fun and make this a searchable sentence.
  • David Caruso animal abuse
  • David Caruso is an anti-semite.
  • David Caruso suspected of arson.
  • David Caruso child endangerment.
See, wasn’t that fun? This will be archived on the internet to search for generations. ....Me? I don’t have great power, and so I have little responsibility. That is how I can say things like
  • David Caruso accused of spousal abuse or
  • David Caruso secret gay tryst
....and not feel bad at all. LOL!

Quote of the day - Jade not only ended David Caruso’s leading man career...

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