Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TV Poop with David Caruso!!!

Making fun of David Caruso NEVER grows old or stale. In years to come he will be remembered as the dorky non-talent everybody used to laugh about. That will be David Caruso´s ultimate "claim to fame"...
The following is a video courtesy a felow blogger.

Comment by a great fan -
Farran Says: July 10th, 2008 at 02:58:43
This is the best episode of CSI: Miami ever.

The story of the video - Horatio Caine is trying to figure out a murder while Tourettes Guy keeps inturrupting him, the AVGN is reveiwing a shitty game and seeing if he can find a ghost vaccum with no luck, he phones Croyt the angry Halo player and Tourettes Guy b4 giving up. the Tourettes Guy calls colgate to complain about their toothpaste but gets rick rolled!..... ENJOY!!! ...

Quote of the day - ..... David Caruso ....can stay the hell away! He annoys the heck out of me...(

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