Wednesday, July 16, 2008

David Caruso - Jack Lord Redux maybe if I watched the show I'd have a different opinion.
But David Caruso one-liners are a killer. The long pauses, the sunglasses ... give up the "cool" Miami shtick, David.If you dont believe me, watch an episode of Hawaii 5-0. The voice, the staccato delivery, the long laundry list of commands to subordinates... David Caruso is Jack Lord Redux .
This show jumped the shark way back during the "who's the mole?" season. David Caruso is a joke. Tell him its rude not to look at people when he talks to them. Even on TV.
Tee hee. Very amusing and true. So now that we've seen through Caruso´s/Horatio's rubber barrier, can we dispose of him? Why does he alone get to be reused? ...

Quote of the day - A snitch on the set of "CSI: Miami" says that star David Caruso spits, curses and acts like a "man-child" when filming...( )

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