Thursday, July 17, 2008

David Caruso - Sesame Street SPOOFS Caruso!

Now even programmes/shows for children make fun of David Caruso! What does that say about an actor if even kids cant take him seriously!!!
As though you needed another reason to worship the altar that is Sesame Street, we bring you two spoofs which feature muppets you probably never even knew existed. Yes, puppet masters were forced to create felt facsimiles of hilarious-in-their-own-way actors David Caruso and Richard Belzer – even the hairstyles are on point.
First up, it’s the RSI: Rhyme Scene Investigation Unit, which is accurate right down to those cutting edge camera shots.
While Richard Beltzer has at least some talent David Caruso ABSOLUTELY LACKS EVERYTHING - Looks, talent, charisma.
David Caruso is ONE BIG ZERO...LOL

Quote of the day - ....fucking David Caruso's syphilis-raddled face has poisoned me against all forms of CSI forever!! (

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