Wednesday, July 30, 2008

David Caruso....oh man, aren´t we cool?

.... I know he isn't one of the women on the show, but can you really forgo a chance to talk about "CSI: Miami" and not talk about this head cocked douche?
David Caruso is lucky this show has any kind of viewership because after all his head-cocking he will now be type cast as someone that must play a character that wears sunglasses and needs to remove them before talking, followed by a head cock and the hands on the hip motion.
Oh man, aren't we cool?
David Caruso is actually the reason why we can't watch the show "CSI: Miami." We think he overacts ridiculously.
....but then again we thought CSI:Miami would be good to and boy did Caruso ruin that.
Quote of the day - CSI: Miami (CBS) Losing Face -- With an episode title like this, it's either going to be one of CSI's more gory outings, or it is a retrospective of David Caruso's career. (

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