Saturday, July 26, 2008

David Caruso - Take that, David Caruso !

......But I do not, for the life of me, understand why CSI Miami is still on the air! The lead in that show, David Caruso, is known for his overacting. I think I have watched the entire show once and it was pure torture.
It is SO phony that is isn't funny.
There are a ton of videos on Youtube making fun of Caruso. It is like a parody of the real CSI.
Even the story lines don't make a lot of sense. And the crimes are always solved but not always explained.I believe, it has the same writers as the original CSI, but maybe not - if it does, maybe they only write the Miami version after downing a dozen beer - hey maybe doing so would make the show more enjoyable to me too :)
For all those who just can´t get enough of Joel McHale spoofing David Caruso we proudly present his latest masterpiece....

Quote of the day: ....It’s already bad enough that I can hardly listen to The Who without seeing scenes from CSI: Whatever in my head. Nothing like some bad David Caruso acting to ruin a rousing “Won’t Get Fooled Again”...... (

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