Saturday, July 19, 2008

David Caruso - Douchebag from hell

David Caruso chaps my ass so I only watch Miami when there is absolutely nothing else on. I HATE HORATIO CANE SO MUCH. There is something about him I really, really, really, really do not like. Miami SUCKS!!!!
David Caruso is such a poser with his sunglasses. He acts like he is THE ONE n ONLY. Urghh. n Double Urghhh.Caruso is just a melodramatic drama king...seriously, it's not fun anymore when it's not believable!At least Petersen has a sense of humour.
Caruso IS SUCH A TOOL The way he cocks his head down with that stupid expression and pulls those horrible one liners in that deep voice.. it's freakin hilarious ...
Miami is...well...pretty much the David Caruso show. The characters are forgettable and akin more to Days of Our Lives than CSI: las Vegas. Time to pull David Caruso's ass outta there.
David Caruso is the douchebag from hell....
Quote of the day - ......the Las Vegas original not that lame ass David Caruso version...(

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