Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Craterface" David Caruso

Everbody who has had the doubtful pleasure to see David Caruso's careworn mug on HDTV knows what the author of this article is talking about.
Craterface David Caruso...

....It’s a reference to the treatment any star might get these days when photographed in high definition. ...... For that matter, ponder the faces of actors such as William Shatner on “Boston Legal,” James Woods on “Shark” or David Caruso from “CSI: Miami.” There are flaws in any human face, especially one that has seen a little mileage. (Such as Caruso who is a dried ALCOHOLIC.)

Usually, the makeup department can do wonders on nooks, crannies, crow’s-feet, rashes, pimples, nose hairs or any other natural imperfection that might cause the camera lens to wince, and the audience along with it. But with the advent of high-definition photography, which is rapidly becoming the industry standard, that pockmark can look like a crater if a makeup artist isn’t careful....


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