Tuesday, May 27, 2008

David Caruso - "Sorry, lost interest..."

We are sure, EVERYBODY remembers the funny/hilarious report by "onsetsnitch" on DEFAMER. Especially, the part where the insider talks about David Caruso's ridiculous shticks, habits.
Now we have the report of someone who was actually invited to the set (he won it in a charity auction) and what he reports is not only in accordance what has been reported by the Defamer/Onsetsnitch (Thank you for telling!!!), but it adds another piece to the ridiculous enigma David Caruso is - on and off camera. Enjoy....
Jim took this moment to tell me Caruso is very .... focused and that anything that takes away from that focus "will destroy us". But don't be nervous, he says. We were going to do a napkin thing but we nixed it so as to not break Caruso's focus. ....They shot the scene about 8 times. I liked when they were shooting and Caruso suddenly said "Sorry, lost interest" and they had to do another take...(http://www.apokolips.com/csi/ )

What a freak!!!

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