Monday, May 19, 2008

David Caruso - LAME season 6 finale

A season finale ought to be interesting.
A season finale ought to keep the viewer on edge.
Like we said - IT OUGHT TO BE and with GOOD SHOWS it is the case.
Not so with CSI Miami.
Instead episode "Going Ballistic" was another prime example of bad writing/bad acting.

The BEST THING first. It looks like Super H, mass-murdering, suspect beating HoCaine is DEAD like Disco. (We can't help but GRIN) YUP. We are left with that most wonderful image until September finally comes around.

As always, a few things we like to point out:
1) Why bother with a new coroner at all if she gets shot within a few minutes after her first appearance?
"She's gone." Really? How did you figure? Who writes those lines? Caruso?

2) Calleigh and Eric - Looks like both got a room and did it - finally. It was about time. However, we do wonder where this leaves Jake. Calleighs beau during this more than abmysal season.

3) Ryan Wolfe (or HoCaineJr like we like to call him) has turned into a "dirty CSI in pastel". However, it seems a huge stretch of the imagination to have tomboy Ryan Wolffe ordering a hit on HoCaine. We like the character and actor. However, the wardrobe department seems to beg to differ. No more pastels for Wolfe. PLEASE.

4) Eric's bad luck seems to continue. Again he was only inches from being shot. Give the boy a break already.

5) Personally, we think JULIA or KYLE shot HoCaine. That would account for HoCaines shocked expression on his face.

Not outstanding, not even brilliant. Very predictable and a so-so final episode for a bad season.
To be continued in....season 7


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