Friday, May 2, 2008

David Caruso - Comic Book Character

......two nights ago. It's not a bad show, but the part being played by David Caruso stinks to high hell. It's like his lines were written by a different guy then the one who wrote everyone else's lines.
It's a effort to graft the Johnny Murphy character onto the "CSI" concept. Only thing is, it wasn't really David Caruso who created Murphy; it was the writing and direction on "NYPD Blue"...
So all "CSIM" got was Caruso's memory of a character who has no business at all in the show he's in, and lacks the accuracy the directing once gave it; all he's got of it is the posturing.
Caruso acts like he's some sort of comic book character, what with the one-liners and all. My guess is that this was supposed to be a merging of Miami Vice and some other show, but I tell ya, Edward James Olmos is turning in his grave watching his counterpart.
David Caruso makes the show practically unwatchable. I cringe any time he says anything.

Edward James Olmos isn't dead.

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