Sunday, May 4, 2008

David Caruso - Unplugged

Thank you for sharing the following two priceless anectodes. It just shows what a complete NUTCASE David Caruso is...
This guy is an absolute tool.
Bodhisattva_PBSurfing 18 hours ago (Sat May 3 2008 18:36:54)

I have a few different experiences being around this guy.
I don't want to cost anyone their job so I'm not going to mention who I am or which contacts I have on the CSI Miami set. I hooked a friend up with a gig as an extra earlier this week. It was his first 'extra gig.' He was going to his mark and his foot stepped on a piece of tape that had 'bubble wrap' on it. It popped and Caruso freaked out. He demanded that he be sent home. They ignored him after his constant "Can we send that guy home,please?" rant.
The next one's are comical. They had a new director on set and he wanted Caruso to pick up a soda to add to the scene. Caruso couldn't handle it. It completely threw him off. Also,they want him to do more scenes without his sunglasses but he basically said,that he thinks his character is a superhero and the sunglasses is the process of him putting on his superhero gear like a cape or a mask. I just want to know how anyone can stomach this guy or his crap show or crap character? His constant attempt to be 'cool' and rip off Jerry Orbach's act is ridiculously stupid.

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