Sunday, May 25, 2008

David Caruso's suckyness

CSI:Miami - David Caruso is the worst actor in the history of, well, the world. His over the top performance, to me, makes this show unwatchable. I watched an episode on a recent flight and noticed that the coroner woman is slowly morphing into the Cryptkeepr.
Caruso's one liners are legendarily bad and unintentionally hilarious.
David Caruso and his complete inability to do anything other than spit out horrible one-liners or puns while putting on sunglasses. He is just terrible. It's as if the producers are in on the joke and want to make it absolutely clear the guy is an ass.
looks like a leprechaun and he's a pitiful actor.
He makes my skin crawl. For the life of me I can't understand what anyone sees in him. Ugh. The fake sincerity, the sunglasses, and The Drama!
He could not act his way out of a paper bag.



Quote of the day: David Caruso - Popularity is the same as talent?

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